Work Areas

The InSmart project is broken down into eight discreet work packages, with each work package being led by different partners. However, all partners are required to provide an input in each work stream

The details of each work package are as follows:

Development of the Cities’ GIS Platform on Energy Use and Needs

  • Analyse existing sustainable policies
  • Determine the availability of energy data from each City
  • Identify any information gaps
  • Carry out an energy survey to populate the GIS platform for each City

Analysis of the Cities’ Building Block

  • Analyse the energy profile of the building stock of each city
  • Provide the necessary techno-economic input for the energy modelling of the building sector in each City
  • Inform the GIS energy database of each City

Transport and Mobility Analysis

  • Analyse the current flows of transport by type and relate these to energy use and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Define scenarios to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions without reducing travellers’ utility
  • Test scenarios to predict the resultant change in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions

Integrated Planning Tool for the Development of Strategic Sustainable Energy Plans

  • Develop city specific energy system models
  • Define and analysing sustainability scenarios in order to identify the economical optimum mix of measures
  • Implement multi-criteria decision support process in order to identify the city optimum sustainability path

Analysis of the Cities’ Energy Systems and Networks

  • Analyse the current status of urban spaces, water/sewage system, waste chain and decentralised energy supply (at city level)
  • Identify applicable technical solutions
  • Inform the GIS energy database for each City

Dissemination and Exploitation

  • This work stream runs in tandem with the other work packages during the whole lifecycle of the project. It involves communicating information on the project to relevant stakeholders and ensuring widest dissemination of the project’s progress and results at regular intervals during the project duration

Development of Mid-Term Implementation Action Plans

  • In depth economic analysis of the prioritised measures
  • Develop a realistic mid-term implementation plan

Project Management

  • This work package involves managing the project from start to finish – ensuring that the project objectives are achieved on time and within the costs allocated. This means coordinating all the work packages, ensuring milestones are achieved and ensuring appropriate levels of communication are maintained amongst partners in order to achieve the expected levels of scientific and technical outputs