The Greek City of Trikala is the site of the third large-scale demonstration for the City Mobil 2 project.  The CityMobil2 project involves several cities, which have investigated where and how automated road transport systems (ARTS) could most effectively be implemented. . Between September 2015 and January 2016, a fleet of six Robosoft vehicles ride along a 2.5 km itinerary which is integrated in the main city road network including different traffic modes.

Over summer 2015, the city authorities of Trikala constructed a dedicated newly-asphalted lane, installed a control center and finalised technical details, from traffic lights to the installation of road segregation equipment.

The first Robosoft vehicles arrived in the city on June 2015 for the initial tests in order to map the route and for the last preparations. In parallel, the Greek legal framework has been set up to enable the implementation of the demonstration. The first two CityMobil2 vehicles received their plates on Monday 14 September 2015. Using special number plates, the demonstration vehicles are insured and covered by National Law in operation. Greece is the first EU country to apply an early stage National Law for automated transportation.

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