Second Project Meeting – Nottingham 1-2 July 2014

The second meeting of the European Project “InSmart was held in Nottingham, UK from the 1st to 2nd July 2014. The aim of this meeting was to develop an intelligent model (“smart”) to facilitate the integrated energy planning of the cities.

Each Municipality presented an overview of their progress in the first set of project activities related to the collection of the energy data and mobility data through questionnaires.

The coordinator CRES (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources) set out its proposal for the use of GIS software (Geographic Information System) for energy georeferenced spatial analysis, discussing the details with all the other project partners. The purpose of this first phase of work is to lay the groundwork for the developing of scenarios of future consumption together with energy efficiency indicators. The energy analysis it is expected to be completed by the end of September, in order to be able to start setting up the energy scenarios in the month of December 2014.

The city of Cesena will host the next project meeting, that will be held in January 2015.