InSmart Energy’s third project meeting took place in Cesena on the 13th and 14th January 2015 where progress on work packages one, two and three were discussed.

Project partners discussed any issues and progress made with domestic building energy surveys and transport surveys undertaken in each City. Reports will be produced and uploaded on the website.

The GIS requirements of the project were discussed and a report finalising the details will also be uploaded on the website.

The methodology for the simulations of building typologies was put forward to project partners. This will be applied to each city using the data from the building energy.

Data collection on work package 4, which consists of the analysis of the cities’ energy systems and networks, has started and project partners discussed any issues they foresee in data gathering.

Initial suggestions on the setup of the TIMES planning models, the integrated planning tool for the development of Strategic Sustainable Energy Plans, for each city were presented.

The next meeting will be in July in Evora.