In the City Council chamber of the Municipality of Cesena was presented the new Open Data portal of the Savio Valley Municipalities Union on the occasion of the 5th Italian Statistic Day and the 2nd World Statistics Day on Friday,  23rd October 2015.

The new Open Data portal of the Municipalities Union is a transparency and participation tool which allows, thanks to a better understanding of the local territory, equal and sustainable development of cities.

The new data base system will replace the on-going Open Data portal used by the Municipality of Cesena which is considered a good practice within the public administration.

The conference was focused on different topics addressed by specialists of local and national public institutions such as ISTAT (Italian National Statistic Center). Some of the issues were Statistic information and Governance  , geographical data for the sustainable development and the benefits of transparency, the link between Open  Data and European Projects.  The event was attended by the mayors of the Municipalities Union and was the occasion to present the project INSMART (as an application of open data) and the work that has been done on the buildings stock.