Multi Criteria Decision Analysis City Workshops

INSMART project will be conducting our second round of city workshops to help us develop Sustainable Energy Action Plan’s for our four cities Trikala, Nottingham, Evora and Cesena. These plans will support each city’s efforts to meet their carbon reduction targets.

Our first series of workshops were held earlier this year, at these events city stakeholders identified future energy scenarios for each city. Our academic and technical partners have now run these scenarios through their modelling software and will be presenting initial results.

In the second workshop series we will be gathering feedback from each city on the initial results presented. However, the primary purpose of the workshops will be to elicit the expert opinions of our stakeholders on the viability of the findings beyond their initial cost/energy saving benefits:

• Scenarios will be presented in terms of their cost and decarbonisation potential
• The social, economic, and political factors that may affect the delivery or potential of the results of the scenarios will be discussed
• Technical or logistical considerations that could impact delivery will also be considered.
• Attendees will then rate each candidate energy measure and scenario across a set of chosen criteria
• These results will then be deliberated on as a group, to achieve consensus as to which scenarios and their constituent measures are the most promising

The support and good ideas, from our city stakeholders, as we prepare for the next phase of the project is very much appreciated.

City workshop dates and contacts

Trikala             30th June 2016
Cesena             5th July 2016  
Evora                28th July         
Nottingham    TBC