INSMART presents at PLEEC final conference

Last month the INSMART project presented at the final conference for the Planning for Energy Efficient Cities (PLEEC) project, like INSMART, PLEEC is a 7th Framework Smart Cities Project.  The conference was held in Hamburg’s Hafen City University on March 8th.

The national (Greek) Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), as coordinator of INSMART presented “Integrated Urban Planning for a Smart City Transformation – the INSMART Project Approach”.  Project member Christos Nychtis delivered the presentation on behalf of the project partners.  Mr Nychtis presented the INSMART methodology applied in the analysis of the residential buildings sector and the transport sector in the four INSMART cities and the integrated approach that is currently under development using the City Energy System Models.

The event took place at a special session of the 2016 International Sustainable Built Environment Conference (SBE).  The SBE focuses on sustainable urban development, architecture and education, design for sustainability, methods, strategies and frameworks, research and product innovation bringing together colleagues from science, politics and industry.

You can find out more about the conference here

You can take a look at the INSMART presentation here

2 MBIntegrated Urban Planning for a Smart City Transformation – the INSMART Project Approach