Tuesday, November 10, the municipality of Cesena organized the first technical meeting with project partner E4SMA and the municipal technical panel to begin the process of defining the energy saving scenarios that will enable the development of policies and interventions in the long term (2020-2030).

The municipal panel, composed of Urban Planning Sector, Geographic information system (GIS ), Mobility Sector, Environment Sector and Energy for the City ltd, who have been working for a year within the project INSMART to define an interdisciplinary innovative approach to design effective energy policies.

The definition of the scenarios starts from Cesena municipality’s plans and policies regarding energy and environmental sustainability, first of all the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

The objective of energy saving scenarios it to set out a medium-Long term Action Plan, that integrates, enhances and complete the other planning tools and which will be implemented at the end of the project.

The scenarios will be made up of a mix of different actions and technologies, which will then be assessed by an open discussion with the local stakeholders through a multi-criteria analysis and the use of the software TIMES. The analysis will allow to evaluate the scenarios by taking into account different factors that may influence the development of technologies and the implementation of policies (ie. economic, demographic, energy needs etc.). In the scenarios there will be also analyzed citizens energy behaviours in order to understand how the local government can intervene with effective policies for energy consumption reduction on public and residential buildings. The first draft scenarios will be shared with the other project partners during the next project meeting, to be held in Turin on 11 and 12 January 2016.