Inaugural Meeting – Athens 14-15 January 2014

The first meeting to officially launch the European project InSmart was held in Athens on 14th and 15th January 2014.

Funded by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research, this new project aims to develop a plan of action to make our cities more “intelligent”, in particular to improve at an urban level the management of energy resources. The acronym InSmart, that stands for Integrative Smart City Planning, this identifies the main objective, which is to achieve within the project: the definition of an integrated action plan that takes into account the energy performance of public and private buildings, management of the waste reduction, water, urban lighting, and the network of urban transport.

The project involves four European Municipalities (Cesena-Italy, Trikala-Greece, Nottingham-England and Evora-Portugal), that with the support of a network of scientific partners will collect energy data in each partner city, and identify a set of integrated actions in the energy field. These actions will take into account the unique needs and the characteristics of each urban environment.

Given the importance of the technical component required for the implementation and the success of the project, the inaugural meeting in Athens dedicated an entire day to the technical considerations. Data collection methods, technical indicators and energy modelling systems where discussed. The second day focused on the submissions from the four Municipalities of the technical requirements and their expectations for the modernization work for their local environment.