The 5th project meeting was held in Torino, on 11-12 January 2016, hosted by E4SMA.

The GIS system for WP1 was discussed and agreement reached on the type of Integrated city energy model results that could be included and presented.

The scenario definitions of each city were discussed and analysed with all the project partners. Each city came up with different issues and topics that are used for the scenario formulation. It was decided that a reference scenario will include all the existing plans, but different visions for each city could be achieved through different scenarios.

The City Energy System Model structure has been finalised, but some additions are required in order to cover specific topics for some scenarios in the different cities. The model will not include the industrial sector, since there are no data and no modelling can take place.

Discussion around the choice of the most appropriate Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) was the main focus on the second day. The decision was made to use a non-complementary method (probably PROMITHEE using Visual-PROMITHEE), and Hinkle’s approach for the weight calculation. It was decided that as the definition of criteria is important it should be done after the scenarios are fully defined in order to make sure that they fulfil all the necessary characteristics. Overall the proper definition of the problem structure is important in order ensure the correct operation of the method.

The first set of workshops in the cities are planned to take place in the next two months, the project team will present to the stakeholders the scenarios, the MCDA methodology and the possible evaluation criteria.

Three “special issues” of the newsletter will be published over the next few months
Focusing on buildings, transport and one for the TIMES/MCDA approach.