On March 28 2017 the Municipality of Évora in collaboration with FCT – Universidade NOVA and EDP Distribuição, has presented the final Mid Term Implementation Action Plan of the European project INSMART to the stakeholders, that in the past months have supported the projects’ implementation in Évora through the data collection and the
sustainability scenarios definition within the MCDA method, i.e. University, Regional Economic Development Authority, DECO Consumers Association, Private Business Association of Évora, TREVO Transport
Company, among other. The INSMART project has created a good opportunity to review, update and enlarge the actions of the Évora’s SEAP and try to figure out how to continue the implementation of these policies towards sustainability. The municipality and its stakeholders are committed to use the several project outputs, not only promoting a more sustainable energy city, but also in other areas such as promoting revitalisation of the historic centre and learning more about the energy consumption in the city.