Evora Holds its Second INSMART Workshop

On 26th of September our Portuguese project partners hosted the second InSmart stakeholder workshop which took place in the Town Hall. The workshop’s aim was to validate the results of the TIMES_Évora cost-optimal mix of measures and technologies, as well as the application of the Multicriteria Decision Analysis to these. The workshop utilised the criteria and respective weights agreed upon at the first Évora stakeholder workshop throughout the validation process.

The workshop was attended by around 20 of Evora’s energy stakeholders and included the Mayor, and attendees from both the public and private sectors; academics from the local University, regional planning authorities, waste management company and representatives from Évora’s Business Association.

Workshop attendees participated in the activities of verifying the results of the the multicriteria model and comparing the ranking of measures when different criteria weights were used. The results were discussed in an interactive format and it was decided that no further changes in criteria weights were needed.