First workshop with stakeholders to assess the sustainability of scenarios

The Municipality of Cesena organized it’s first INSMART workshop with the stakeholders on Monday, March 14.

After nearly two years of work, Cesena’s technical board has prepared a set of sustainability scenarios identifying a set of measures and technologies to achieve the energy savings targets in the urban area of Cesena for 2020 and 2030. The scenarios will serve as the basis for the definition of an integrated plan for the sustainable development of the city.

The main aim of the workshop was to present the INSMART project and the methodology and for the attendees to evaluate of the future energy scenarios presented.

In this phase of the project, the Municipality of Cesena has actively involved stakeholders to help develop the scenarios and to define a list of qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria . The evaluation of the scenarios will be made with a multi-criteria model that allows to compare different hypothesis and solutions by giving “weights” to specific criteria that identify environmental, economic and social priorities.

The workshop, organized in collaboration with Energie per la città and E4sma was opened by the Councillor for Environmental Sustainability and Europe Francesca Lucchi and Alessandro Rossi of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI). They introduced the framework of regional energy policies and new strategic objectives to be achieved in 2020 and 2030.

The workshop was also attended by the president of DEYAT Mr. Sotirios Sakkas from the city of the city of Trikala (Greece).

Operationally, the work was organized in two separate sessions, aimed at different audiences.

The first session (14:30 to 16:30) was dedicated to a more technical audience (trade associations, environmental associations, representatives of Hera (public illumination), ATR and Start Romagna (public transport),  the University of Architecture, municipal technicians. The second session was dedicated to a more political audience; the City Council, the Environment Council Commission and the representative of the districts.

In the coming weeks the Municipality of Cesena will gather all the feedback and suggestions by stakeholders to implement the evaluation criteria and the scenarios.