INSMART project will be presenting at the Planning for Energy Efficient Cities project (PLEEC) final conference which is to be held on the 8th March 2016 in Hamburg.  On behalf of the INSMART coordinator, Mr. Christos Nychtis will give a presentation titled “Integrated Urban Planning for a Smart City Transformation – the INSMART Project Approach”. Mr Nychtis will present the methodology applied in the analysis of the residential sector buildings and the transport sector in the four INSMART cities and the integration approach that is currently under development using the City Energy System Models.

The PLEEC project is a three-year international research project which like INSMART has been funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.

Within PLEEC 18 partners from 13 European countries are collaborating to make European cities more energy efficient.  PLEEC uses an integrative approach to achieve the sustainable, energy efficient smart city. By connecting scientific excellence and innovative enterprises in the energy sector with ambitious and well organized cities, the project aims to reduce energy use in Europe contributing to the EU´s 20-20-20 targets.

Over the project period, the project consortium developed individual Energy Efficiency Action Plans for the six PLEEC cities on how to improve their energy efficiency in a strategic and holistic way considering their technological, structural and behavioral capabilities.  In order to make this knowledge accessible to further European cities a model for energy efficiency and sustainable urban planning has been developed.

At the PLEEC Final Conference the project results will be officially presented.

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