The Municipality of Évora is a local entity of public administration with special competencies in the management of the territory.

Within the range of its competences the Municipality defines, in accordance with the national and European legislation, the urban and environmental local policies, endeavouring to introduce distinct mechanisms leading to a more efficient use of resources.

The city of Évora has signed the Covenant of Mayors in February 2011. The strategic plan for Évora, delivered in 2009, pointed out five pillars for the development of the Municipality until 2020, promoting:

  1. World heritage and the cultural and arts region,
  2. Sustainable territory with quality of life,
  3. Competitiveness while keeping the identity
  4. Knowledge and creativity networks, and
  5. Economic development.

This document paves the way for the development of ambitious plans on sustainability towards a low carbon city. In fact, innovation and entrepreneurship are considered to be strongly promoted while re-qualifying the historic centre, developing new services and products, and promoting the association and collaboration among the small and medium enterprises in the region.