Appointment of a councillor whose portfolio includes both environmental and sustainability policy and European projects demonstrates that Cesena recognises the links between EU policy and programmes and the delivery of successful local outcomes in these fields.

Although Cesena city council does not have its own office in Brussels, it has strong ties to the Brussels office of Emilia Romagna Region (Servizio di collegamento con l’Unione Europea) which provides numerous strategic services to help the city develop and strengthen its European networking. The municipality has had a European Office within its own administration since 2007.

This office is staffed by an office manager and two policy officers.

The city has recently joined, as associated partner, the Forum Environment of Eurocities, the network of the major European cities. Moreover the city formerly belongs to the ICLEI network and is linked with Climate Alliance Italy, which is supporting structure of Cesena for the development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan. At the present, Cesena municipality is involved in 10 funded projects – 3 regional, 1 national and 6 European.

To find our more about the Municipality of Cesnea see their website Cesena/InSmart