The Municipal Water Supply-Sewage Enterprise of Trikala (DEYAT, is a legal body under Private Law with public benefit character. It was established in 1981 and the area of interest is the administrative region of Trikala Municipality.

The main scopes include:

  • Methodological and long term dealing with the proper function of the water and sewage circuits, including appropriate works,
  • Financing of the above works from the National Funds Program, lending and own resources, as specified under Law 1069/80.

According to the statutes of DEYAT, the range of activities include activities on the Water Sector, activities on the Sewage Sector, planning, administration, operation and management of relative works, maintenance of water-sewage works, conduction of studies on the field of its jurisdiction, quality of service provision to the consumers/citizens.

The Enterprise is managed by a Board, whose members are defined along with their substitutes by the Municipal Board. The Enterprise has the ability to provide know how and services to neighboring Municipalities.

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