Smart City Expo – UERA Workshop on “Sustainable Smart Cities”

Smart City Expo – UERA Workshop on “Sustainable Smart Cities”

Barcelona, Spain

Partner - Cres

INSMART was presented in the “Sustainable Smart Cities – Are Smart cities always Sustainable?” workshop co-organised by the Urban Europe Research Alliance and EERA Smart Cities Joint Programme, as a side event of the Smart City Expo on 15th November 2016 in Barcelona. The workshop aimed at bringing together people working in public administration, researchers, business, NGOs and civil society to jointly discuss around the capacity of smart cities concept to transform a city into a more sustainable one. The presentation focused on discussing the extent to which smart devices and services serve or not the sustainability of the cities. The presentation made by the InSmart team focused on:

    1) describing how the InSmart methodology deals with data complexity in an organized framework with the purpose to pave the way for a comprehensive and robust city planning supporting cities to ensure sustainable energy provision and climate protection, and
    2) highlight the sustainability aspects that were covered in InSmart and the ones that were left out of the scope of the project.

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Download presentation - UERA Workshop on “Sustainable Smart Cities”

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