EDP Distribuição (EDPD) is part of the EDP Group and Portugal’s incumbent DSO (accounting for 97% of the market with more than 6 million customers). EDP Distribuição coordinates the Project InovGrid (http://www.inovgrid.pt/en) which entails a large-scale smart grid demonstration project in Évora (Portugal) and demonstrates Smart Grid concept by means of integrated management tools that:

  • Improve service quality
  • Promote distribution network remote management
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Promote a more active role for customers/producers
  • Support new commercial services
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Exploit the potential of distributed generation (DG);
  • Enable the integration of electric vehicles charging network
  • Promote the environmental sustainability through the increase in energy efficiency
  • Foster the proliferation of micro-generation
  • Support the renewal of technologies and the improved exploitation of current capabilities.

The Portuguese city of Évora, with a population of 55 thousand and 1.307km2, was chosen to be the first Iberian Smart City – Évora InovCity – where an automated meter infrastructure was deployed. There are around 32 thousand electricity customers with an annual consumption of approximately 273GWh. Around 35.000 smart meters and 340 distribution transformer controller (DTC´s) were installed to operation.

Regarding demand side management (DSM) functionalities, 3.550 facilities are fitted with demand response or energy efficient solutions, comprising different customer profiles, including residential, commercial and small industrial. The project also includes 70 V2G enabled EV charging points, 250 DG monitoring and control units and 2 primary distribution substations. A great number of stakeholders adopted new technologies and services, namely prosumers, universities, municipalities, subcontractors and service providers.

EDP believes that smart grids have the potential to contribute to the energy sector sustainability and InSmart goals namely by: increasing energy efficiency; reducing CO2 emissions; reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency; integrating a large share of dispersed generation as well as electric vehicles; supporting the development of new energy services; and empowering customers to a more responsible and efficient energy use.

Being a distinctive project in the European landscape, the InovGrid project was chosen by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission to be the support of the development of its “Guidelines for Conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smart Grid Projects” [Report EUR 25246 EN], a comprehensive assessment framework of smart grid projects centered on a cost-benefit analysis.

InovGrid is currently in a deployment stage, with more than 150 thousand customers in Portugal and sharing its main findings and benefits with Spain and Brazil, as well as in several European projects. The main goal is to reach at least 80% of the consumers in the Iberian Peninsula by 2020, in line with the European internal market of electricity Directive.

EDP Distribuição, as Utility Company, will support the four cities authorities to their way into integrative urban planning. This mixture has been chosen to guarantee that the INSMART project meets the requirements of the cities through the call. Furthermore, the presence of the special experienced to transport consultant partner as well as the industrial utility partner with global coverage and a solid position in the field for both guarantees the project’s focus to all aspects of urban planning and infrastructures design.  EDPD contributes to the InSMART project in the provision and analysis of valuable data deriving from smart meters operation at the Évora Municipality as well as expertise in the energy networks analysis and incorporation into the planning models.

To find out more about EDPD Distribuição see their EDP InovGrid website EDP InvoGrid/InSmart