E4sma s.r.l. (Energy Engineering Economic Environment Systems Modelling and Analysis) provides consulting services in the areas of energy planning, policy and environment. The main area of expertise is in supporting the creation of energy / environmental / economic models, as a means to represent the complexity of existing energy systems, and to investigate how such systems evolve, through scenario-based analysis using simulation or optimization approaches.

E4sma s.r.l. has wide experience on developing and running integrated energy systems models, or ad-hoc tools and methodologies, for medium-long term analysis in order to help energy decision makers to evaluate a range of challenges at different geographic scales.

More specifically E4sma s.r.l. is involved in:

  • identification of the required goals for the energy planning process,
  • technology perspectives in the energy systems,
  • capacity planning and demand foresights,
  • energy/economic resources allocation,
  • quantitative analysis of the energy-environmental policies,
  • energy efficiency measure impacts,
  • feasibility of energy targets,
  • interdependencies of different measures among sectors,
  • analysis of the potential benefit of a local policy on larger systems,
  • consistent organization of large amount of energy-environmental related data